I think as a country, I am mostly looking forward to be in Iran. According to all the travel books and journals, it’s a magnificent country with just endless amount of things to see, the hospitality and kindness of people is just beyond measure. Also, as an area, I am eagerly awaiting to be in any foreign mountainous area – anywhere, really – , a secluded place, where we can just stay away from civilization, read books and drink tea and coffee all day (what a lazy bum, I know).


What I’m most looking forward to in the next year is exercise becoming daily routine. Remember, when you were a kid and spent the whole day outside, cycling or running around, and it was the most natural thing; never felt tired, just sad when the evening came and you needed to go to bed? I’m looking forward to that feeling; the joy of movement and the energy it can give. I can’t spend another year sitting in an office all day long.