So far the most tedious part of our trip is finding accommodation for each night.

We are having lovely spring weather, and the days are nice and warm, but at night it drops to near freezing point. So camping would be our last option now.

Luckily, we had some generous Couchsurfing and Warmshowers host so far, to take us in for a night or two. We really enjoy meeting these people, they all have amazing stories and personal history to share. We even enjoy just researching them, reading their profiles online, imagining meeting them.

In one hand, being dependent on hosts can be a burden. You have to reach a certain place at a certain time, search for Internet to see if you got any replies, and decide how long you can wait before turning to other options.
But on the other hand, being dependent on them is comes with it’s rewards. Not only that we meet amazing people, and have a look into their homes, lives and thoughts, we also reach places we wouldn’t have visited so far. E.g.: This is how we got to the beautiful Petrovac area, which we loved, because we knew we’ll have a warm couch waiting for us.

The night we can’t find hosts for are spent in cheap paid accommodation. As we have the tent, we weren’t planning to pay for accommodation at all, and we are very aware that all of these nights shorten our budget for the rest of the trip. However, we thought it’s more important that we don’t start hating this trip before it’s even really begun, so we leave the tent wrapped up while the nights are cold, and spend the money we need to… and looking forward to the times when we can cycle all day freely and just set up the tent wherever the sunset finds us.