It was 2AM and we just got off the bus in Esfahan, struggling our bikes out from the enormous belly of the bus. A lady stepped to us then, and we started our usual charade, explaining ourselves and the bikes. When she heard that we’re planning to camp, she consulted her daughter then shyly invited us to stay at their place instead.

They got a taxi and slowly led us to their house, where we’ve been recieved by an even shyer aunt and showed a comfy couch.

In the morning light the shyness evaporated and the fun started. We showed our videos and looked at family pictures, a cousin appeared who drove us around town on his motorcycle for errands, and of course, THE FOOD!

This was our first ever unexpected invite into someone’s home and we loved every moment of it. This is when we started to like Iran…

Azam, Parisa, Amma… thank you so much!