And so I turned 30!

If I could have been anywhere in the world this day, I would have been in Budapest with my friends, sitting in our favourite bar over the second glass of wine, talking away the night.

Being out in the world, living my dream of travelling across Asia is close second.

We’ve spent this day with Shadi and her family who have been so good to us before and they now raised their hospitality to a new level. I only asked for a cake, but they were thrilled to have the chance to organise a party, and next thing I knew that there were smuggled alcohol arriving from the black market, people whispering around me all the time, or shouting Surprise! at me at random moments.

The secrecy and the planning went on for a week, and the result was the best birthday party I could wish for away from my loved ones: my favourite iranian food, lovely guests, beautiful decorations and delicious cake smothered on my face. What more could a girl ask for?!

Thank you Shadi Joon for making this happen!