Hello, our Dear Readers!

Before I vanish in the thick Turkmen fog, I’ll try to summarise my thoughts in light of the big news and to contradict some incorrect thoughts. Apologies in advance in case I am repeating my self compared to the original Facebook comments.

It happened so that Zsolt flew home and I’ll continue cycling alone.
I’ll try to explain both.

Zsolt flew home

In the last month, we did sense some changes in our travels. The initial wanderlust and unknown sense of events disappeared and was replaced by a bit of stable routine. Our stimulus threshold got way higher, while in the first weeks we were amazed by every single goat, lately we missed this childlike ‘wow’ feeling. We got used to cycling, trained in setting up camp and discovering new countries. And, we got tired somewhere along the line. Not physically, but mentally. We realised that no matter how much we’re enjoying it, there’s far less fresh approach, than before.

We both had the idea to go home

Not because it’s tough, we can’t push any more, but it’d be wasting both experience and chance to cycle through amazing places with a bit of lack of motivation. Your attention isn’t full and undivided, you’re not quite present. It’d be way better to return home, work a bit, and start another trip with the maximum eagerness to discover new roads – with new plans that’d be a bit shorter than this one.

This was our very first trip, and amongst million other things, we learned what is it really that suits us, and we both got to the same conclusion: it’s about 4-5 months which is just the ticket for traveling, while our attention is at the right level. In the future, I’ll – we’ll be planning trips around this timespan.

Zsófi is pedalling onwards

So why do I keep going then?

To understand this fully, rewind two years, and let’s talk about what wasn’t mentioned so far (but the ones who know us, know it already): I was planning this trip – well, not this specific one, but A trip – way before I met Zsolt. Discovering the world around me was a really attractive goal, but most importantly, I was eager to try and push my limits – alone. And when I met Zsolt and it turned out that he also had the motivation to discover, it was quite a serious decision for me to make, to give up, or to push back on the idea of travelling alone.

I gave it up and I don’t regret it, not a single bit. To start planning as a duo and get on the road on double the amount of wheels was so much easier and more fun that it could’ve been if I’ve done it by myself. Maybe I wouldn’t have even made it to Iran, who knows?

Whilst planning, though, we already agreed that a part of the trip will be spent separately, for at least a month, because it is crucial for me to experience this way of travelling as well.

That’s why I am still going.

Not because I am infinitely curious about how getting through Turkmenistan is going to be (It’ll suck, big time), but because I am really curious how alone-travel is – and we all have to admit that’s a project that Zsolt couldn’t have stayed for to help with. :)

Maybe I’ll hate it and in two months time I’ll pack my things and fly home. But then, I’ll know that I need a partner for travelling and I’ll plan the next trip accordingly.

On the other hand, I might like it, I might find another type of fun in it and I’ll be eager to continue. In that case, I’ll do so, but just till I am feeling OK with it and enjoying the trip. This part of the world is much more exciting and amazing than travelling through it with a bit of lack of motivation and excitement. That’d be wasting the experience itself, losing an opportunity of discovering it’s beauty and oddity through ever-curious eyes. I honestly think that the time I have for travelling in my life is too valuable for that.

Now I hope that you understand that I wasn’t left alone in the middle of nowhere.

Your support feels amazing for both of us and if you’re wishing me good luck – or just even happen to follow my travels on the blog.

On the other hand, if makes me feel sad when I am reading negative comments on Facebook regarding our decisions. For Zsolt, to make this one was much harder than for me to continue the trip. I’ll be on the upside after it, I am the weak deer who’s everyone is worried about, and if I decide to pack and go home after a week, no one will raise an eyebrow.

We’re not moderating comments, but I’d like to kindly remind you that this is not a soap opera or the Big Brother. We’re adults, making the best of our lives – and we’re sharing the details of our experiences with you. If you don’t agree with our decisions, in which we support each other 100%, please comment in an adult and cultured approach. Cheers!

And now, I’ll pack my things and onwards to the border! One week of Turkmenistan is awaiting, where I won’t have internet and it’ll be great to be disconnected from the ether and start a whole new trip. Scary! Of course! Infinitely exciting though! Cheer for me!